The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 2

October 11, 2020

Pastor Vinny

Last week Pastor Vinny spoke on WHO the Holy Spirit is, this week is all about WHAT the Holy Spirit DOES.

The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 1

October 4, 2020

Pastor Vinny

To kick off the new series "The Holy Spirit & His Gifts," Pastor Vinny does a character study on the Holy Spirit. Learn how the Holy Spirit isn't an "it," the Holy Spirit is a "he" and He wants a relationship with you.


The Social Dilemma 

September 27, 2020

Pastor Vinny

This is a social dilemma...the enemy hates healthy relationships so he is out to destory them. We need to do our best to keep strong relationships: this message will help you do that.

It's What We Do
Pastor Vinny

September 20, 2020

It's What We Do: love radically! What does that mean? Run towards and not a mechanism of healing and restoration...just keep loving.

Play Ball, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

September 13, 2020

Second and final message of a 2-part series: Maybe you feel like you're behind, defeated, or at a disadvantage. The good news is that you can have hope. With Jesus on your team, you don't have to stay down. Elijah is a good example of how even those who have been on mountain tops still sometimes go through valleys.  What do you do?


Play Ball, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

September 6, 2020   

We've all struck out before. Whether we've made mistakes in our career, relationships, everyday tasks, or falling into sin, we've all missed at some point. Let's take a look at what we should do when we strike out in life. The good news is we may not have what it takes, but we do have WHO it takes!

LESS (of me) is MORE (of you)
Kim McGee

August 16, 2020   9 am Service

Roadside Chapel's Office Manager takes a look at the life of Moses. Through his example we can become aware of a few obstacles that present us from resting and abiding in God.

Pastor Vinny

August 9, 2020

If we want fruitful lives, we must abide in Christ.  Pastor Vinny discusses barriers and keys to abiding.


Pastor Vinny

August 2, 2020

God created us to carry things, but not everything. He calls us to carry grace and the Gospel.

Don't Fear the Lions
Pastor Vinny

July 26, 2020

Because the one True God is our God, we can have faith and peace when we face the lions in our lives.

Jamie Falco 

July 19, 2020

Not only is our God a powerful God.  He's an approachable God.


Pastor Vinny

July 12, 2020

Don't strive to be an influence. Strive to be influential.


Pastor Vinny

July 5, 2020

To be independent from the world, you must be dependent on Christ.


Pastor Vinny 

June 28, 2020

Good intentions won't get you where you want to go, but being INTENTIONAL will!

Walk Like Jesus, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

June 21, 2020

If you want to walk like Jesus, then you need to know how Jesus walked.

Walk Like Jesus, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

June 14, 2020

If you want to walk in victory, then you must walk like Jesus.

When Everything is Bad, God is Still Good

Pastor Vinny Greene

June 7, 2020

Learn how to discern what is "good" when everything around you seems bad.

High Valued Target

Pastor Vinny

May 31, 2020

As a Christian, you are a high valued target for the enemy -- but you can live n such a way that he can never take you out.

A Yoke and Wheelbarrow

Pastor Vinny

May 24, 2020

Everybody is yoked to something, and what you are yoked to determines a lot. Hear about the benefits of being yoked to Christ and trading your burdens for His.

Pocket Change

Tianna Greene

May 10, 2020

You may feel you aren't enough and that what you have to offer is insignificant, but God wants you to see that what you have is valuable.

In the Trenches

Pastor Vinny

May 3, 2020

During times of affliction and chaos, we can still have hope. Pastor Vinny shares how you can not just survive "the trenches", but thrive through them. You'll need a "map, helmet, shovel, and radio." Listen to this message to find out what those represent.

Zero to Hero

Pastor Vinny

April 26, 2020

Everyone loves a Zero to Hero Story

No Ordinary Day

Pastor Vinny

April 19, 2020

10 Keys to Being an Influencer

Easter Sunday

Pastor Vinny

April 12, 2020

God wants to change your life.

Better Is On Its Way, Part Two

Pastor Vinny

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday

As much as you want God to move in your life, God much moreso wants to move in your life!

Better Is On Its Way, Part One

Pastor Vinny

March 29, 2020

The God of all grace will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.


Pastor Vinny

March 22, 2020

God's calling us to have an infectious faith!