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Are you new to Roadside Chapel?  Coming to a new church for the first time can always be a nervous experience, so that is why we encourage you to plan your visit!  Get to know us, what we do, what we offer and what your best plan should be to get here on a Sunday morning.  If you click the "Plan Your Visit" button you'll find lots of helpful info about us and what to expect when you arrive.



Our kids, infant through 12th grade, experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way. Click the box below to learn what to expect  in our RC Kidz ministries.


We're all about Jesus!  You won't be met with shame, guilt, or condemnation.  And we don't care how you're dressed or what candidate you voted for. Our church is made up of imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable.

Want to know the best part? No matter what you've been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, our church is a place where you'll find the love, grace, and forgiveness only Jesus can give.

We hope to see you soon!

- Pastor Vinny


July 3

Church BBQ

This Week at

Roadside Chapel



6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Youth Group

Grades 6-12



10:30 AM

Women's Bible Study

Call Pat Falco for details



2:00 PM

Women's Bible Study

Call Elena Austin for details



6:00 PM

Young Adults

Call Brenna or Payson for details



8:00 AM

Intercessory Prayer

in the Empire Room



9:00 AM

Worship Service

Kidz Church

Nursery - Grade 5



11:00 AM

Worship Service

Kidz Church

Nursery - Grade 5

RC Middle

Grades 6-8



Two Ways to

Worship on Sundays


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11:00 AM


In-Person Service:

9:00 AM & 11:00 AM


Kidz Church is available during both services: nursery - grade 5. Look for the Kidz Zone Check-In banner.


RC Middle is available during the

11 AM service only.



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Want to get involved with serving at the church? Each Christian has a ministry that they are called to fulfill in their lives. Click below to discover ministry opportunities at Roadside Chapel.

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The local church offers a sense of belonging and relationships.  Now that you've found a church home, what are the next steps to deepen your relationship with Jesus and with those around you?

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This Means War: Pt 3

June 19, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The devil is an imitator; The devil is like a roaring lion, but not the lion | Jesus is the Lion of Judah | We are not bound to be defeated by the devil because we have victory in Jesus | Authority is used to bring us into alignment with God’s Word | Jesus is powerful; John 18:2-6 | 1 John 4:4; Greater is He that is in me and He is Jesus Christ | Jesus delegated authority to us by His name; John 14:13; Acts 3:6-9;16 | By the power of Jesus’ name things happen | The authority of that name comes from our faith in the person of Jesus Christ | Put your faith in the person of Jesus Christ and walk in authority for God has given you victory in Jesus name


This Means War: Pt 2

June 12, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The Bible is ancient, but it is not outdated | 1 Peter 5:8-9; Have sober mind, resist the devil | You have to know where you are going and you will know your way back | Fight where the battling is happening | We need Jesus to help us walk in the truth | Two areas where the enemy lies: 1. Perception 2. To think we are at disadvantage | Walking in truth is the key to spiritual victory | Satan is a master at propaganda and misinformation | How to get God’s perspective: 1. Verify before you trust 2. Beyond what I am feeling, what evidence is there that my perspective is true or accurate 3. What might other trustworthy Christians think about 4. We need to believe God’s Word 5. We need to declare God’s Word 6. Act on God’s Word

This Means War: Pt 1

June 5 2022

Pastor Vinny

The enemy wants to destroy your life | Ephesians 6:10-12; The word fighting means, it is hand-to-hand combat | We need to be intentional when it comes to spiritual warfare | God wants us to know how to wage the good warfare | When we are in a war, we have to know the enemy | Facts about God are: He is Omniscient – all-knowing, Omnipotent – all-powerful, Omnipresent – Everywhere at once | The devil doesn’t look like a bad guy | God has a purpose for your life, and so does the devil | Just as there are children of God, there are children of the devil | You don’t need to fear the devil, the devil needs to fear you.

The End Times: Pt 2

May 29, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The end times are real, and we are living in the end times | 1 Thess. 4:13-18 | When we know Jesus, we win; There is victory in death | The Rapture: Rapture is not the same thing as the second coming of Christ; It is a separate event; When will the rapture of the church happen? There is a sequence of events; Get as many people as possible Rapture ready | Who will be raptured? Encourage one another; God wants you to know, that there is an end to your pain | We are a church of people that are ready when Christ comes | Let us make sure we are rapture ready by knowing Jesus Christ