"To have a safe, fun, and exciting atmosphere where children come to know Jesus and get connected to their

God-given purpose."

Join us each Sunday at RC Kidz Church where our teachers are at their stations ready to share with your child their love and passion for the Lord.  Available for both services: 9 AM and 11 AM!



When you arrive, look for the Kidz Zone Check-In Center just inside the RC Kidz Church area..  You can access this area down the walkway just to the left of the main entance and through the double glass doors. You can also access it from inside once you enter the building and going down the left corridor and through the double wooden doors. That's where you'll register your child and receive a name tag for your children as well as a tag to return to our staff when you pick them up after service.  During the initial registration we'll ask for your contact info along with your child's name, age, grade, and any medical or dietary restrictions. This information helps us maintain the safety and security of your child. For your first time here, please leave yourself an extra ten minutes to sign in.  After that you'll be able to use the self-service computerized check-in system, entering your last name or phone number and then clicking on all the children you are checking-in.  Please note classroom doors are locked at 9:15 and 11:15 for the safety of your kids. 



If we need to reach you during service, the number on your child's receipt will be flashed on the overhead screen in the sanctuary.  Please exit and proceed to your child's classroom area.



Proceed to the Kidz Zone Check-In Center and give your tag to one of our staff.  They will match it to your child's tag and then release your child.  



RC Nursery for newborn - 3 years.  Doors open at 8:45 AM for the 9 AM service and 10:45 AM for the 11 AM service. Please check-in your child at our Kidz Zone Check-In Center.


RC Kidz Jr. for 4 - 5 years.  They meet in the RC Kidz Church area at 8:45 AM for the early service, and any time after 10:30 AM for a transition time of table games before the 11:00 AM service. Check-in for the 11 AM service starts at 10:30 AM and RC Kidz Jr. will stay here for the first portion of  RC Kidz Church and then be relelased to their own classroom where they'll have a snack, game, and lesson. Then they'll rejoin RC Kidz  for a combined worship and praise time until you come to pick them up. 


RC Kidz is for grades 1 -5.  They'll spend the entire time in the RC Kidz Church area. Again, you may drop them off anytime after 8:45 AM and 10:30 AM for their respective service and pick them up here at the end of the main service.


RC Middle, our 6th through 8th grade class, meets Sunday nights from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM for a time of games, food, fellowship, and Bible study in the Fellowship Hall.


RC Youth, grades 9-12, meets Sunday nights from 6 :00 PM - 7:30 PM  for an intimate time of fellowship and Bible study in the church auditorium.



Imagine gifted communicators creatively teaching the Bible in a way that intrigues and engages kids of all ages.  Because we all learn differently, we use several different teaching styles in each lesson.  Our learning experience includes drama, video, fun activities, skits, games, discussion, crafts, and music.


RC Kidz Church is a place for kids to invite their friends. It's a place where they feel accepted and welcomed. And regardless of how they feel when they first arrive, here they'll hear encouraging words--never comments that devalue or discourage.  Here they find Biblical community.


RC Kidz Church is not just about information: it's about seeing kids enter into a real relationship with Jesus.  It's  application that leads to transformation.  It's where kids can begin a relationship with Jesus, learn how to become more Christ-like in child-appropriate ways, and find and develop their giftings to serve Him and each other.



All of our teachers and helpers go through a stringent on-boarding process: written application, personal interview, reference checks, a criminal background check, orientation meeting with the children's ministry director, and on-going training.