The Art of...Pt 3: Fighting

April 30, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Key Verse: Revelation 1:17-18

When Jesus comes into our lives, He resurrects us from the dead | When we have Jesus on our side, we have nothing to fear | There are spiritual laws that God won't override | Jesus might be meek, but He is not weak | When Jesus is for you, nobody can be against you | To come alive spiritually is to enter the kingdom of light | Light dispels darkness | Facts about Jesus: Jesus died but He did not stay dead; He broke the power of death; He is not weak; He is a powerful savior; He gives us access to life


The Art of...Pt 2: Honor

Apri 23, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Key Verse: Romans 12:9-10

Honor will elevate your life, dishonor will destroy your life | Allow God to give you a heart of honor | Extraordinary people will treat everyone extraordinary | God does not have an ordinary life for us to live | Sometimes we tend to see the extraordinary thing we have as ordinary | We honor God by obeying Him and putting Him first | God puts action to words | Having honor culture at home can go with your kids for life | If we want to produce honor, we have to give honor | Where there is a culture of dishonor, rise and be honorable | Honor brings a blessing, dishonor brings a curse.


The Art of...Pt 1: The Art of Honor

April 16, 2023

Pastor Vinny

If you don’t quit, you’re gonna make it | The world needs brave and confident believers | Our hope is not found in the things of the world, but in Christ Jesus | God is committed to working through us and transforming us into who we are meant to be | Don’t give up on God, because He is not giving up on you | God will crush your enemies | God will do miracles for you | God will raise someone up to help you | God gives the Holy Spirit | When you are on God’d team, He has your back | Pray for you enemies until they are no longer an enemy | Don’t let vengeance get in the way of someone who might possibly come to salvation | There is no addiction too strong that could hinder God from healing you | When we see God do mighty things, we need to thank Him. When we don’t see God do mighty things, we need to trust Him | You are a born-again believer and destined for heaven | You have the Holy Spirit taking residence inside you




April 9, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Key Verse: Revelation 1:17-18

When Jesus comes into our lives, He resurrects us from the dead | When we have Jesus on our side, we have nothing to fear | There are spiritual laws that God won't override | Jesus might be meek, but He is not weak | When Jesus is for you, nobody can be against you | To come alive spiritually is to enter the kingdom of light | Light dispels darkness | Facts about Jesus: Jesus died but He did not stay dead; He broke the power of death; He is not weak; He is a powerful savior; He gives us access to life


The Power of the Invite

Apri 2, 2023

Pastor Vinny

People need the invitation to receive Jesus | Two invitations we need to be giving as believers are - 1. An invitation to receive Christ; 2. An invitation to church | Having an encounter with God can change everything | Not everyone will respond the first time | Don’t let fear stop you; Inviting others is an act of worship; One invitation can change someone’s life forever; Inviting someone impacts more than just that person | The people we invite are under spiritual attack | We can fight the spiritual battles by praying | When we invite people to church, we are inviting them to receive salvation, grace, joy, and healing


You're Gonna Make It

March 26, 2023

Pastor Vinny

If you don’t quit, you’re gonna make it | The world needs brave and confident believers | Our hope is not found in the things of the world, but in Christ Jesus | God is committed to working through us and transforming us into who we are meant to be | Don’t give up on God, because He is not giving up on you | God will crush your enemies | God will do miracles for you | God will raise someone up to help you | God gives the Holy Spirit | When you are on God’d team, He has your back | Pray for you enemies until they are no longer an enemy | Don’t let vengeance get in the way of someone who might possibly come to salvation | There is no addiction too strong that could hinder God from healing you | When we see God do mighty things, we need to thank Him. When we don’t see God do mighty things, we need to trust Him | You are a born-again believer and destined for heaven | You have the Holy Spirit taking residence inside you



Send It, Pt 5: Generosity

March 19, 2023

Pastor Vinny

God wants us to be all in for Jesus | Build your life on the promises of God | There are two types of promises: Conditional and Unconditional | God wants you to be blessed in order to be a blessing to others | Four promises for generous people | 1. God will take care of all your needs 2. You will be refreshed 3. Good will come to you 4. You will end up with more than enough | The enemy will lie to us to get us not to believe | The promise is not connected to your greed, it is connected to your need | A dry Christian is an easily broken Christian | God wants us to be hydrated with His Spirit | The key to becoming refreshed is learning how to refresh others | Praying for one another can help us feel refreshed | Generosity is a lifestyle, not an event


Send It, Pt 4: How to Have Practical Victory

March 12, 2023

Gary Besaw

Temptation starts off like mold, seemingly harmless but then it gets worse and can even lead to death | Sin must be completely removed so it doesn’t come back | Jesus is the unblemished sinless lamb | God sent Him who had no sin to be sin for us | No one comes to Christ without baggage, but we need to clean out the baggage | If you don’t solve the root cause of sin; it’s going to come back | Let God do a deep clean of your life | The best self-help answers are found in God’s Word | How to clean the sin out of our lives? 1. Surrender the problem to God; 2. Confess to see victory; 3. Be accountable to someone; 4. Send it to the foot of the cross | If we need Christ to save us, then we need Christ to help us gain victory in all aspects of our lives


Send it, Part 3: Surrender

March 5, 2023

Pastor Vinny

God has for you is to surrender | A surrendered life is a fruitful life. It affects those around us | The key to revival is surrender | Have God’s agenda and not ours | Surrender is not a one-time thing - It is allowing God to be Lord over your life | Surrender means to let go - Letting go is putting your trust and obedience into someone else who isn’t you; Choose to trust and obey God, choose to trust and obey the people God brings into our lives; Resist the devil and surrender to God | Surrender takes humility - You can’t judge humility on personality; Stop trying to act humble, be humble | Surrender happens in a place nobody can see - Invite God into the secret place; Let’s not aim to be great publicly, aim to be great privately; True surrender is giving God access to the private place in our lives

Scripture References: James4:10



Send It, Pt 2: Send It Mindset

February 24, 2023

Pastor Vinny

God desires us to have a ‘send it’ mindset | Step up and be whom God called you to be | Faith is not based on happenings, it is based on the fact that we believe in the person of Jesus Christ | Having a send it mindset - 1. Will cause you to get up again; 2. Will cause you to get out of the boat; 3. Will cause you to hear and discern God’s voice; 4. Will cause you to worship regardless of the storm | We need to know that defeat is not in the falling, the defeat is in staying down | Jesus is the reason we get up one more time | The send it mindset doesn't make us extraordinary, it gives God a chance to do something extraordinary through us | A person with the send it mentality obeys the voice of God

Scripture References: Proverbs24:16, Matthew14:28-33


Send It, Pt 1: Faith Like the Three Hebrew Boys

February 17, 2023

Pastor Vinny

It’s what you say when you are at the point of no return | At some point, we have to say SEND IT with our faith | Daniel 3:1-6 | Faith of the three Hebrew boys | You are not alone and Jesus is with you | Trails are not always a sign of God’s absence or punishment | God will not lead you to a place you will not have victory | Fire can bring promotion | You just need to outlast the critics | The three Hebrew boys did not look to people for promotion, but to the King of Kings for promotion | When God promotes you, it can never be taken away | The faith in you can cause others to stand | Today is the day to bow down to the Lord


Special Sunday: Teen Challenge VT and Super Bowl Sunday

February 12, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Adult & Teen Challenge Vermont joined us this Special Sunday. We had the opportunity to hear amazing testimonies of God’s deliverance. It was an honor having them.



Unstuck, Pt 5: Hung Up

February 5, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Numbers 13: 28-33 | The selected men went to spy on the land. They came with some intel | They highlighted how powerful the enemy is | Caleb's response: We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it | The enemy is big but not bigger than God | Three things that can get us hung up | 1. Spirit of unbelief: The cause of their unbelief was that they worshipped the God that they did not trust | Our beliefs and trust are actually what shape our behavior | Have a bold kind of faith | 2. Spirit of fear: Fear can fog and distort our vision | The lord leads by love and the enemy leads by fear and manipulation | Fear poisons our vision | Truth overcomes fear | 3. Wrong perspective: It is important how we view ourselves | Walk in the identity that God called you to be | Take time and ask God how He thinks about you | Have a Caleb type faith | Silence the voice of the enemy and the negativity


Unstuck, Pt 4: Get Our of Your Own Way

January 29, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Sometimes the best way is to get out of our own way | God wants us to do life with other people | God can do it; If we allow Him, He can do anything for us; John 14:13-14; 1 John 5:14; Ask according to His will | God has people that can help | James 5:6 | It is not unholy to get advice | There are some bridges you need to burn | How to judge and recognize getting sound advice: 1. Godly advice obeys the laws of the land up to and until it causes you to disobey the laws of God; 2. Never contradicts the word of God; 3. Doesn't always have to make sense; 4. Will lead you to be more like Jesus


Unstuck, Pt 3: Our Words Matter

January 22, 2023

Pastor Vinny

The biggest thing that can get us stuck is something really small, it’s our tongue | Our words matter | its not what you say, its how you say it | Proverbs 18:21; Do not boast about anything; Do not gossip or repeat bad information on anyone | James 3: 7-8; We have a problem with taming our tongue | The tongue contradicts itself | We have to learn how to control our tongue | The tongue has a source | Tongue is just a symptom, the source is our heart | God wants to get a hold of our tongue through our heart | There is nothing that our God cannot do



Unstuck, Pt 2

January 15, 2023

Pastor Vinny

2 Corinthians 3:18 | We need to be reflectors and not absorbers | Faith doesn’t run on feelings, faith runs on the reality of who Jesus Christ is | How to get unstuck spiritually? | 1. Plug into the Lord: Lamentations 3:22-23; His mercies are new each morning; We need mercy constantly | 2. Choices over results: God has choices for you each day to make | 3. Check your heart: Faith works in love; Have the heart to reflect God’s word | 4. Shock the flesh: Fasting and prayer will shock your flesh | Three tips for fasting: 1. Be intentional 2. Be prayerful 3. Be committed | 5. Surrender: Surrender to God completely.


Unstuck, Pt 1

January 8, 2023

Pastor Vinny

Ephesians 4:22-24 | Put off the deceitful desires and put on a new self | Don’t get stuck in the mud of negativity | God did not intend you to be in a mess, but to set you free from it | How can we overcome Critical spirit? | Choose to repent: The remedy is to repent and the blood of Christ cleanses us from all sin | Choose gratitude: Be grateful for today | Choose to be an encourager: To be an encourager, you have to be intentional | Choose mercy: James 2:13; show mercy because God showed mercy | Unresolved hurt - This can hinder to overcome a critical spirit | Choose to forgive | Choose to confide | Choose to shift: Have boundaries; Clarity is kindness


This is RC

January 1, 2023

Pastor Vinny

John 3:13-15 | We are all about Jesus | He shall increase and we must decrease | One better thing we can do in 2023 is lift Jesus in our lives | We win together | It is good and pleasant when God’s people live in unity | Let’s pursue Christ together | God sets us up to win it all together | We want to be filled with the Holy Spirit | Ephesians 5:18 | Salvation is the most important part of our relationship with Jesus | Being baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues | Jesus baptizes us with Holy Spirit and fire | We love people to victory | Love covers all sins | Have the right crowd around your circle and you will grow and get better.



The Arrival:  Pt 4: Miracle, Not Magic

December 25, 2022

Pastor Vinny

John 3:13-15 | We are all about Jesus | He shall increase and we must decrease | One better thing we can do in 2023 is lift Jesus in our lives | We win together | It is good and pleasant when God’s people live in unity | Let’s pursue Christ together | God sets us up to win it all together | We want to be filled with the Holy Spirit | Ephesians 5:18 | Salvation is the most important part of our relationship with Jesus | Being baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues | Jesus baptizes us with Holy Spirit and fire | We love people to victory | Love covers all sins | Have the right crowd around your circle and you will grow and get better.


The Arrival, Pt 3: Peace

December 18, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Luke 2:11. The arrival of Jesus meant the arrival of peace. Peace is not the absence of war. You are not defeated until you give up. Peace is something God made. Romans 5:1. Real peace comes from Jesus. Peace is having it all together. Phil. 4:6-7. Pfeace is supernatural.  Letting the Holy Spirit control you leads to life and peace. Pursue the Holy Spirit to have the peace of God.


The Arrival, Pt 2: Joy

December 11, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Luke 2:8-11 | Happiness is great but Joy is always better | We need to rejoice because God is not silent | The arrival of Jesus meant the arrival of Joy | There is great Joy for all people | Great joy has a great source | There is a Savior for you and His name is Jesus | God sent us exactly what we need | Let us not forget about the Holy Spirit | When we learn to live in the Word, it will never be wrong | God’s word is always true | When we have Jesus, we will live from self-centered life to Christ-centered life | Great joy requires a great choice | Happiness is an emotion, Joy is an attitude | Grow in the attitude of Joy



The Arrival:  Pt 1: Hope 

December 4, 2022

Pastor Vinny

It’s all about the arrival of Jesus Christ | Advent means The Arrival | Hope: Jesus came to bring hope | Romans 15:12’ Jesus is our real hope | Let your Hope, not your hurt shape your future | 3 types of Hope: 1. Wishful Hope – Wishful hope can lead us to destruction; Never build your life on wishful hope | 2. Expectant Hope – This hope is rooted in reality, and can let you down | 3. Confident Hope – Romans 15: 13; Source of our hope; A confident hope that you can get through God; Through the power of the Holy Spirit | If He said it, believe it | Believe in what Jesus said | Problems that look permanent are only temporary | God’s grace can be with you no matter what you are facing today | Stop making excuses | Let God give you a vision for the future | Consider God higher than you consider your circumstances | Put all your trust in Jesus



November 27, 2022

Ben Samminga

Jeremiah 18:1-6 | We are the clay and he is the potter | The safest place to be is in God’s will | Four areas where surrender is necessary | Surrender your reasonings; Exchange your reality with God’s reality. With God all things are possible, We shall do great things when we walk in God’s reality | Surrender to the pressure; When we surrender to God’s pressure, the pressures of the world will feel lite; God’s pressure is to build us strong and not weak | Surrender to the tool; God puts certain tools in our lives for us to get better; we need to yield to those voices; These tools shape us in the design He intended | Surrender your life; God offers new life to us through Jesus Christ; God creates originals and not copies


Revelation Requires Responsibility 

November 20, 2022

Chris Sonsken

Luke 10: 25-33 | God desires for us to be heroes | God wired us to be winners | Take notice of what is in front of you | Do what you can with what you have | We do not serve an average God, He wired us to be spectacular | The Good Samaritan was the hero because he came to the rescue | Someone’s worst day is someone else’s best day | Come to the rescue



Better, Pt 6: Friend Day: Become a Better BFF

November 13, 2022

Pastor Vinny

2 Timothy 4:9-15 | Eight relationships we will experience | 1. Bros: This is somebody that can be trusted | 2. Deserters: When we grow in the Lord, there will always be people who will not like it | 3. Seasonal: These are not bad people but they are for us in a due season to get us where we need to go | 4. Side Kicks: Someone that will fight for you and not against you; These might not agree with you always; We need sidekicks to propel us for greatness | 5. Network Worthy: Get connected with the right one who can help you grow | 6. Sent Ones: These are the ones who never leave you but need to go and be useful in the place where God needs them to be | Haters and Hurters: We all need somebody that we can lean on | 8. The Most Important Relationship: Our God wants us to know Jesus Christ; Jesus Christ wants to be your friend


Better, Pt 5: 

November 6, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Ephesians 5: 15-17 | Be careful how you live; Redeem the time for the days are evil; Don’t act thoughtlessly; Understand the will of God for you life | There is nothing better than knowing and doing what God wants to do | Proverbs 3:5-6 | 4 key things that God wants us to do: 1. God wants us to put Him at the center of our lives; Many people want enough of a relationship with God to go to heaven but not enough of a relationship with Him to be told what to do | 2. God wants us to have deep and meaningful relationships with other godly people | 3. God wants us to mature and grow | 4. God wants us to leave it all on the field | God wants us to stand strong, stay strong, and finish strong.


Better, Pt 4: 

October 30, 2022

Pastor Vinny

There is a better way to live | We need to look at what we don’t want to be to become what we want to be | The Kingdom of God works differently than the kingdom of the earth | The bandits represent Takers | God did not save us to be a taker | The taker's posture is a crippled posture | Let the Holy Spirit free you today | The priests represents the Lookouts | The lookouts tend to think only about themselves | Be ambitious about the things of God | The more you win, the more it paves the way for the people around you to win | Help each other to win | The good Samaritan represents The Giver | The Giver’s posture is a posture of praise | A person who gives abundantly and gives God praise will experience His presence | A giver takes time to be in God’s presence 



Better, Pt 3: Grow Better

October 23, 2022

Gary Besaw

2 Samuel 14:28-31 | A growing church is a messy church | Reality is that we come with baggage and sin in our lives which only through Christ Jesus we are made clean | Acts 2:1; God wants to give us fire | To experience growth, we must have fire | Looking healthy on the outside is not enough | Fire is sent so that we will desire more of God | Respond to the fire | Fire burns away some of the brush in our lives | Fire can be used for good | God stops us by sending fire when we go in a reckless path | The heart that is protected may never germinate | Christ came to burn the resin off of you    


Better, Pt 2: Think Better

October 16, 2022

Pastor Vinny

God knows what we are thinking | Mark 2:8 – Jesus knew what the religious leaders were thinking | Guard your heart above all things | Psalm 19:14 – Faith thinking please God | Ways to think better: Don’t let wrongs dominate your thoughts; Don’t build your life around tragedy; Pay attention to the big three – 1. Who I am 2. Who I am with 3. Where I am at | Ignoring what is true doesn’t make things better | Faith is not denying reality, faith is making us look at our responsibilities, and grace empowers us to take care of our responsibilities | Allow God to get into our thinking


Better, Pt 1: Look Better

October 9, 2022

Pastor Vinny

It’s time to look better | Without God’s help we cannot perceive things in the proper way | Devil wants to skew our perspective | Ephesians 6:12 | Have constant improvement in the things of God | God wants to change our perspective | The Spirit man is more important than the natural man | God wants us to be strong in our Spirit man | Problem is we focus too much on the physical man | Luke 5:20-26 | How does your soul look today? | Jesus knows every thought that we ever have yet still loves us | Why did Jesus come? He came to save the lost | The devil should be under our feet and not the other way around



Heroes of Faith, Pt 6: Decide

October 2, 2022

Pastor Vinny

A Steadfast life of Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego | They stood firm for God’s truth | There is a spirit that wants to keep people from serving God | The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is the same Spirit who dwells in us | What can we learn from Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego: 1. You can be a fruitful member of society, but know where to draw the line; 2. When we don’t bow down, it will infuriate some people; 3. The pressure to bow down can be great but stand firm | Some people are more faithful to a lie than some Christians are to the truth | Your faith should be unmovable and unshakable | Jesus is with you


Heroes of Faith, Pt 5: David

September 25, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The Lord sent Nathan to David | Sometimes the things that frustrate us the most about others are a reflection of what is happening in our own heart | At some point in life we experience hyper-critical moments | David knew how to mess up, but he also knew how to respond to correction | God loves the teachable | Your level of growth is directly connected to the ability of yours to receive correction | Don’t let past failures keep you from doing the next right thing | Crush the next thing you need to do | Get back in the fight | Don’t let your disappointments and hardships steal your praise


Heroes of Faith, Pt 4:

Presence of God: Moses

September 18, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Exodus 33:14-16 | Moses understood the importance of God’s presence | Recognize the presence of God | God’s presence brings grace | We need to fight for God’s presence, seek for it, knock for it | We have so many distractions around us to keep us from God’s presence | Understand why we need God’s presence: It brings times of refreshing – repent and turn to Him | It brings joy – have the fullness of joy | It sets us apart – sanctification | It builds our faith and gives great confidence | We are the people of God’s presence.



Heroes of Faith, Pt 3

September 11, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Joshua 1:1-2 | God called us to be superheroes of Faith | Have the courage to be everything that God called us to be | The Warrior – Joshua A hero of faith has a warrior’s mindset | Don’t get caught unaware but be ready | 4 key things to have warriors mindset | 1. Always prepared; God’s word helps us; Circumcise our hearts; Preparation can be painful, but it is worth it | 2. Learn from past experiences | 3. Be self-aware | 4. Live with conviction | Learn from positive and negative experiences | It is a blessing to others when you walk in your lane | Serve the Lord with all your heart


Heroes of Faith, Pt 2

September 4, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Acts 9:5 | Jesus is for everybody and He died for ALL | God cares about whom you are becoming rather than what you are doing | We need to have an encounter with God | Encounter with God will bring joy to your life | An encounter will always produce change | Your past doesn’t define your future | Just because others don’t overcome your past, doesn’t mean you should not move forward | Living for a heavenly reward brings earthly good | Be thankful in all circumstances | Run toward God and not away from Him


Heroes of Faith, Pt 1 

August 28, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Hebrews 11:4 | Genesis 4:3-6 | God wants us to have a child-like faith | This world needs a bunch of good people of God’s faith | To be like Abel you have to walk in faith, not the flesh | We give God our best and He will do the rest | Right and wrong still exist | Jesus died for us so that we can stand in the truth | Adhering to and honoring life is always right | Choosing right might invite persecution, but God is on your side | If God is able then you are able



The Power of the Seed, Pt 2

September 4, 2022

Pastor Vinny

If we fill up on godly things, we hunger for godly things | Acts 6:3 | Whatever we feed on the most, is what we will have the appetite for | An empty Christian attracts battles that God did not intend for them | Being filled up must be a continual thing in our lives | Ephesians 5:18-19 | To fill up you have to go to the pump | We need each other to fill up | Do not forsake the assembly of yourselves together | Don’t let people, places and things leave you empty | Acts 13:50-51 | Let Jesus make a way where there seems no way | To be filled you must yield your will


The Power of the Seed, Pt 1

August 28, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Mark 4:26-29 | Let it grow | You have to let it go to let it grow | Seeds grow at God’s pace and not at our pace | The things that are most fruitful, are from the waiting game | It’s not about the miracle, it’s about the process | Give time for the seed to grow | Hebrews 12:15 | Don’t let bitter roots grow in your life | Don’t walk in the offense; walk in forgiveness | We are no longer the victim, we are the victor | Luke 13:18-19 | If it’s a God seed, it will bless us, with the intention of blessing others | Out of one seed God produces many


Help Is Here 

August 14, 2022

Benjamin Samminga

Nehemiah 2: 10 | The Work of Nehemiah | To rebuild Jerusalem | God sends help to rebuild everything in your life | Don’t let the enemy rule your heart | Rise up and set your hands to do the good work | desire to look in the supernatural | The Work of the Holy Spirit | Holy Spirit is a wholesome person and He is not just an experience or a thing | Holy Spirit intercedes for you | Holy Spirit guides you into all truth | Holy Spirit teaches you all things | Holy Spirit comforts you | Let the Holy Spirit fill you with power and faith | Let the Helper, the Holy Spirit help you.



Don't Run On Empty

July 31 ,2022

Pastor Vinny

If we fill up on godly things, we hunger for godly things | Acts 6:3 | Whatever we feed on the most, is what we will have the appetite for | An empty Christian attracts battles that God did not intend for them | Being filled up must be a continual thing in our lives | Ephesians 5:18-19 | To fill up you have to go to the pump | We need each other to fill up | Do not forsake the assembly of yourselves together | Don’t let people, places and things leave you empty | Acts 13:50-51 | Let Jesus make a way where there seems no way | To be filled you must yield your will



July 24, 2022

Pastor Vinny

1 Peter 5:7 | God exists; He knows your name, He cares deeply for you, and you can cast your cares on Him | Jesus will make a way through every storm | Jesus is a way maker | When Jesus and natural solutions fail, Jesus can make a way | Mark 5:22-23 | We need hope today; The goal isn’t to help, it’s to give hope | People who are dependent on Christ are free | Go to God first in any problem | Never feel selfish for asking for prayer | Mark 5:28 | Everything might fail but Jesus | Don’t get discouraged when it appears God is doing for others but not for you | God is not a liar, he keeps His promises


Joshua, Pt 2: Seizing a God Moment

July 17, 2022

Pastor Vinny

God has prepared the way ahead of you | Joshua 2:1-5 | God knows how to work through imperfect people | if we choose right, we can change everything | A God moment is when God shows up in a unique way | What do we require to be in a God moment: 1. Requires a healthy fear of God; Unhealthy fear will cause to live in superstitious and not in faith; Have you lost your wow? 2. Requires us to recognize there is a choice to make; God has empowered us to make choices; 3. Requires us to take action; By faith make the steps forward; 4. Requires us going boldly to God’s throne; Hebrews 10: 19-22; Put your trust in Jesus



Joshua: Keys to Success

July 10 ,2022

Pastor Vinny

Joshua 1:1-9 | 1 Cor. 10:11 | Moses represents the Law, Joshua represents Christ and grace | Jesus can alone lead us into the promise land | Keys to Success | Accomplish everything you accomplish what God has for you on earth | Jesus is the key to success | 1. Character matters to God; There are no shortcuts to success in God’s way | 2. Selfless ambition: Being ambitious is ok when you are ambitious about the right thing; Context matters, motives matters | 3. Have good God goals: The important thing to do is ask God; We might need redirection from God | 4. Don’t fear people: If God accepts you who cares if they reject you | 5. Be consistent: Consistency requires accountability | 6. Real success only comes when we live a Bible-obsessed life: The shape of key to success is in the shape of an open Bible


This Means War, Pt 5

July 3, 2022

Gary Besaw

Christ is the victor | If Christ has defeated Satan, why are we still not walking in victory? | Christ died to give us life, liberty, and abundant freedom | Luke 4:18, Romans 6:6 | We need to experience the liberty that comes from Christ | Satan's greatest lies: 1. My future is hopeless because of my past; 2. You are not worthy; 3. You can’t be a Christian, because you still ______; 4. You deserve the bad things that happened to you; 5. It’s ok to not forgive because of what they did | God is singing for you | God is telling us to press on | The enemy wants us to carry bitterness, so we become ineffective for Christ | Walk in forgiveness, pray for those who wronged you | To be free you must first surrender


This Means War, Pt 4

June 26, 2022

Pastor Vinny

We are not at war with people; we are at war with principalities, and with the enemy | Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; God has called us to be together with other believers | A three-fold cord is not easily broken | The Weapon of Community | God doesn’t only call us to the big C church, but he also calls us to the little C church | Proverbs 18:1; It is important to walk in the Spirit | Be part of the team, and do not isolate yourself | Proverbs 12:1; Sometimes we don’t receive correction, because we don’t perceive it as the correct authority; Be teachable | Serve one another | Commit to the mission | Understand your role in the body of Christ | God works through the local church, not just an individual | Be the helping hand that helps someone out of their calamity.



This Means War, Pt 3

June 19 ,2022

Pastor Vinny

The devil is an imitator; The devil is like a roaring lion, but not the lion | Jesus is the Lion of Judah | We are not bound to be defeated by the devil because we have victory in Jesus | Authority is used to bring us into alignment with God’s Word | Jesus is powerful; John 18:2-6 | 1 John 4:4; Greater is He that is in me and He is Jesus Christ | Jesus delegated authority to us by His name; John 14:13; Acts 3:6-9;16 | By the power of Jesus’ name things happen | The authority of that name comes from our faith in the person of Jesus Christ | Put your faith in the person of Jesus Christ and walk in authority for God has given you victory in Jesus name


This Means War, Pt 2

June 12, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The Bible is ancient, but it is not outdated | 1 Peter 5:8-9; Have sober mind, resist the devil | You have to know where you are going and you will know your way back | Fight where the battling is happening | We need Jesus to help us walk in the truth | Two areas where the enemy lies: 1. Perception 2. To think we are at disadvantage | Walking in truth is the key to spiritual victory | Satan is a master at propaganda and misinformation | How to get God’s perspective: 1. Verify before you trust 2. Beyond what I am feeling, what evidence is there that my perspective is true or accurate 3. What might other trustworthy Christians think about 4. We need to believe God’s Word 5. We need to declare God’s Word 6. Act on God’s Word


This Means War, Pt 1

June 5, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The enemy wants to destroy your life | Ephesians 6:10-12; The word fighting means, it is hand-to-hand combat | We need to be intentional when it comes to spiritual warfare | God wants us to know how to wage the good warfare | When we are in a war, we have to know the enemy | Facts about God are: He is Omniscient – all-knowing, Omnipotent – all-powerful, Omnipresent – Everywhere at once | The devil doesn’t look like a bad guy | God has a purpose for your life, and so does the devil | Just as there are children of God, there are children of the devil | You don’t need to fear the devil, the devil needs to fear you.



The End Times, Pt 2

May 29,2022

Pastor Vinny

The end times are real, and we are living in the end times | 1 Thess. 4:13-18 | When we know Jesus, we win; There is victory in death | The Rapture: Rapture is not the same thing as the second coming of Christ; It is a separate event; When will the rapture of the church happen? There is a sequence of events; Get as many people as possible Rapture ready | Who will be raptured? Encourage one another; God wants you to know, that there is an end to your pain | We are a church of people that are ready when Christ comes | Let us make sure we are rapture ready by knowing Jesus Christ


The End Times, Pt 1

May 22, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The end times is real and we are living in the end times | 2 Peter 3:9; Matthew 24:3-14; Don’t let anyone mislead you | Don’t panic; Nations – Ethnicities will war against ethnicities | Good news is Jesus died for all | We need to be peacemakers and not strife makes | God wants us to be on fore and be ready when He comes | It might be not what I want, but it what I need | We need to want to have what God has | How to thrive in the end times; Don’t be misled; Don’t panic; Learn to endure; Preach the Good news | No shortcuts in the life of a believer


The Power of One Generation

May 15, 2022

Pastor Vinny

The next generation is not the church of tomorrow, but it is the church of today | We are going to fight like heaven against hell for the next generation | Prov. 22:6 - Post 1 | Train up a child in a way they should go; You can have an impact on the generation; Don’t underestimate the impact that you can have on the next generation | We have to pray and intercede for the next generation | How do we reach the next generation? | You have to be authentic; 2Tim. 1:5; Authentic faith is catchy | Have the willingness to have authentic faith | The next generation needs God’s law | God’s law helps us understand the need for His grace; Jesus came to bring grace and truth; We need to know the power of the law and also to know the purpose of the law | We have to be all in | if your faith is real, nobody in the next generation will believe you if you are not all in | Whatever we treat casually, the next generation will treat it as unimportant | Don’t fear rejection | We have to live a lifestyle of blessing; 1 Pt. 2:9 | Speak faith and blessing over the next generation



The Power of One: God Interruption

May 8, 2022

Tianna Greene

God loves you enough to interrupt you | Proverbs 19:21, Ephesians 5:6 | One God-interruption can change everything | There is power in God-interruption | God-interruption will: Find you where you are at – Isaiah 43:19; Comfort zone is more dangerous than the wasteland or wilderness; Romans 13:11; Comfort makes us oblivious to see what God is doing around us | God interrupts you in your comfort zone to take you into the Faith zone | Call you to Action: Stir up a sense of urgency; When God interrupts, there is a sense of urgency that He wants to do something through us for somebody; Proverbs 3:5-6; A parked car is much harder to steer than a moving one | Cause a Shift: He can shift the atmosphere; God shifts the plans of the enemy as well; God is coming in your way, not to annoy you but to come in the way of the enemy; Sometimes rejection is God’s protection | God will interrupt you to disrupt the enemy


The Power of One

May 1, 2022

Pastor Vinny

If you want to be victorious, let God be in charge | Gone are the days of playing church, it is time for us to be The Church | Psalm 133:1; Unity is not uniformity | Major things: Unity, Minor things: Liberty | For us to do what God called us to do, we have to walk in unity | Romans 15:5-7, Romans 15:7 | God gets glorified by unity; the enemy gets glorified by division | Whom the Son sets free is free indeed | One of the worst things we can be addicted to is religiosity | Matthew 12:25 | A house divided against itself will not stand


Feed Them Cows

April 24, 2022

Benjamin Samminga

Keep the trough full | Fill your trough with the right resources | God’s rich word is one of the right resources | Trough – an official course of communication | Empty troughs don’t produce fruit | Feeding cows is messy thing | You need to get messy to get blessy | Feed the cow of prayer, cow of faith, cow of fruit of the Spirit, cow of gifts of the Spirit, cow of wisdom, cow of marriage and relationships, cow of hope | When these cows are fed with the right resources in our lives, we will reap a rich and satisfying life | Don’t let the ugly and gaunt looking cows eat the plenty | Ugly cows bring brokens, depression, and lot more unhealthy things into our lives | Praise God for Jesus, for He came to give us rich and satisfying life



Undefeated (Easter Sunday)

April 17, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Celebrate the greatest moment in history | He won so we can win and be undefeated | Matt. 28:1-10, Jesus is not weak, He did struggle | We serve a victorious Savior; He won; Jesus won the day | Romans 8:11 | Jesus makes us victorious | Your eternal life begins the moment you give your life to Christ | 1 Cor. 15:54; Death is swallowed up in victory; Jesus doesn’t just want us to win, but He empowers us to be undefeated | Just because you are feeling that you are losing, doesn’t mean that you are behind; The game is not over yet; In Christ, you can’t lose | Undefeated life; Know why you are here; Never give up; Don’t give up on God, because He won’t give up on you; Trust the process; You can’t have it your way, you have to have His way; The Christian life is not fair | There is a great grace to empower you to walk in victory; We are fighting from a place of victory; To have an undefeated life, you need to fully surrender to Jesus | Don’t let other things or people dictate your life, have Jesus dictate your life 


Don't Miss It (Palm Sunday)

April 10, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Jesus came to give us life, and life more abundantly | Gods got it; Seize the day that God has given us | Don’t miss it because of a wrong attitude | Matt 21:9-11 | Christianity is a city shaking religion | It’s completely appropriate to respond to God’s presence with excitement; Luke 19:39, Luke 19:40, Luke 19:44 | Don’t miss out on a God moment because of attitude or mind set | Don’t miss out by holding back | 2 Kings 13:18-19 | God wants all our heart | God needs 110% from us | Don’t miss out because your hearts not in it | Don’t miss it by caring too much about what those who are missing it think | 2 Sam 6:21-22 | Put on a garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness 


How to be a Good Friend

April 3 , 2022

Pastor Vinny

God wants us to have good friends | it’s good to choose good friends | You attract what you are and you repel what you are not | If you want to have good friends, learn how to be a good friend | Proverbs 18:24 | A good friend makes you better; Proverbs 27:17; You need to sharp iron with another iron, but it has to be of a different shape; Let’s not be dull, but instead be sharp | A good friend will smack you upside the head if you need it; Proverbs 27:5-6; Constructive criticism – It’s done in love and the persons best interest is to help them get better; Pay attention to the people who loves you and cares about you | A good friend doesn’t talk bad about everyone else; Proverbs 16:28; Gossip separates close friends; Successful people won’t tear people down; Have the heart to build people up | A good friend doesn’t constantly dump their problems on others; Proverbs 25:17; Not everybody is equipped to handle your stuff | A good friend will lead you closer to Jesus; Matt. 5:18-25; Jesus will never leave you hanging and left alone because He cares about you.



Galatians: Pt 4: Choose Better

March 20, 2022

Pastor Vinny

TGod Works; Nothing is impossible for God | Maintain same lifestyle outside and inside of church; Maintain the authenticity | Galatians 2:17-21; God had tore down our sin and bondage, let us not build them back again | Commit to building what God is building | Grace is powerful and it is powerful to do things for you | Grace works for you, in you, and through you | Grace works for you; Jesus died on the cross for you; We are justified because of what He did on the cross; We are allowed to walk in grace; Walk in the covenant of grace | Grace works in you; Christ lives in me; He changes our ‘want to’ He changes our ‘ability to’; Be in the joy of the Lord; God wants you to walk in His joy; He can strengthen us in our work, in our homes, in our lives, in our situations; Lack of authenticity in church misses the real thing | God works through you; The life which we live NOW matters; Let us be administrators of God’s grace; grace runs after us; If God’s grace comes running after you, do not run in the other direction, but embrace His grace


Galatians: Pt 3: Promises

March 13, 2022

Pastor Vinny

When a promise is broken, it hurts | God called us to be carriers of His promises | God will never break His promises | God's word is filled with promises that you can access by faith and they are all yours | Galatians 3:7-9 | The principle – How God treats His people; Vs. 15 – All of God’s promises are found in Jesus; Vs. 17 – The promise gives access to all God’s promises. Jesus Christ is the Promise. The promise is Jesus Christ | God’s intention is always to save you through Jesus Christ | There are 250 promises in the NT | How do I access the promises?; 1Tim. 4:8 | Four promises we need to know; Nothing can separate us from His love, Rom. 8:38-39; The faithful Christians dig in deeper when life goes tough; If you abide in Him, He will Abide in you | A Promise of Strength and Help; Isaiah 40:10; God’s righteous right hand upholding us | Sowing produces an abundance; 2 Cor. 9:6; Sow honor, sow encouragement, sow life, sow blessing, sow truth, and so on | He will take care of all your needs; Do not be dismayed, do not be discouraged; Phil. 4:19; God has a way of getting the blessing through others and the blessing is on the way | The promise of the Holy Spiritfor you”


Go Back to Grow Back

March 6, 2022

Benjamin Samminga

Scripture – 2 Samuel 10:1-5 |  Wait at Jericho until your beards have grown, and then return | Comforters need comforting | Their beards and attire show the strong character with full of powerful attributes during the biblical times | They all disappeared because of shame | Shame produces hurt, guilt, and loss of all the attributes; Sin causes shame, guilt, isolation | Why Jericho?; The first city of the promised land that God gave them victory; To grow back, we need to go back to our past victories | What is available in the past victories?; God’s Power | Recognize the power - it is same then and it is same now; Embrace the power – Ponder on how the power worked; Access the power – passcode: Faith | Faith permits the power to work again | The works of God are never wasted, but they are preserved” | “The past powerful works of God are the present and future power deposits for you”



Galatians: Pt 2: The Gospel of Grace

February 27, 2022

Pastor Vinny

God Works; Nothing is impossible for God | Maintain same lifestyle outside and inside of church; Maintain the authenticity | Galatians 2:17-21; God had tore down our sin and bondage, let us not build them back again | Commit to building what God is building | Grace is powerful and it is powerful to do things for you | Grace works for you, in you, and through you | Grace works for you; Jesus died on the cross for you; We are justified because of what He did on the cross; We are allowed to walk in grace; Walk in the covenant of grace | Grace works in you; Christ lives in me; He changes our ‘want to’ He changes our ‘ability to’; Be in the joy of the Lord; God wants you to walk in His joy; He can strengthen us in our work, in our homes, in our lives, in our situations; Lack of authenticity in church misses the real thing | God works through you; The life which we live NOW matters; Let us be administrators of God’s grace; grace runs after us; If God’s grace comes running after you, do not run in the other direction, but embrace His grace


Galatians: Pt 1: The Gospel of Grace

February 20, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Paul preaches the gospel of Grace | We have a work based mentality | true victorious Christian life can be seen when one walks in the true gospel of grace | Galatians 1:1-12; To the churches of Galatia: There is to be unity in the body of Christ | Gospel – Good News; Grace – Unmerited Favor | Good news of God’s unmerited favor for us; Jesus’ Grace + Nothing = Salvation | Gospel is free; When you commit to God, your life is changed | God’s conviction is real and powerful when you experience it; Get the desire to do the things of God more than the things of the world | Sin is not that  big of a deal when you compare with big deal of grace | Though Salvation is most important things, it is not the only thing that is important to the walk of faith | Gospel of grace stands by itself | Biblical Grace will always emphasize the importance of pursuing holiness and good works out of gratitude for the price that was paid for our redemption.


Unraveling the Secret of Sheep

February 13 2022

Gary Besaw

Isaiah 53:6 | All are lost | Ezekiel 34:11; God searches for His sheep | Why talk so much about the sheep? | Sheep have peripheral vision of 32 degrees, Sheep will nibble their way to lostness | Purpose of why we created – We can have an intimate relationship with Christ, Be part of the flock of Christ, This is when we are satisfied | The sheep hears the voice of it's shepherd | John 10:11-15; I am the good Shepherd; Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd; He cares for us, He loves us, and he comes after us | There are other sheep who has to listen to His voice, and they shall be part of His flock | Romans 5:8 – God demonstrates His own Love for us | You do not come to Christ when you clean up, you come to Christ and He will help you clean up | The secret to be healed is asking God that we need it.



Living Water

February 6, 2022

Jamie Falco

The woman at the well, John4:1-10 | She was an Outcast; Jews and Samaritans are in hatred to each other during that time period | Usual setting and conversation of Jesus with the woman | Jesus meets women in her CURRENT CONDITION | Jesus becomes the fresh, bubbling, spring of water within us; What was woman looking for? What do we look for from Jesus? | God wants to intervene in our lives | Stop looking at His hands, instead start looking at His face for who He is | Focus on the miracle giver, rather than the miracle itself | Faith is personal, it is between you and God | John 6:48, To whom would we go?; He has the words of Eternal Life | He is the bread of life


Habits that Help: Pt 5

January 30, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Habit 5 – Hearing God’s Voice | Key Verse – Phil. 3:13, 1 Cor. 9:24, Phil. 4:8 | Nothing will help you more than learning to hear God’s voice for yourself, John 8:47, John 10:27 | What does His voice sound like?, 1 Kings 19:11; A still small voice, We should desire the voice of God more so than His presence, you can hear His voice even when you don’t feel His presence | God wants us to be intentional, He wants us to lean in | If you want to hear God’s voice you must think in God’s language, Phil. 4:8 | Don’t meditate on a language that God doesn’t speak, If we do not know what God’s language is, we won’t be able to discern His voice | Don/t get discouraged or try to force Him to speak to you | God is not able to give you new information if you are not obedient with the old information | To know His voice better, we have to know Him better.


Habits that Help: Pt 4

January 23, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Habit 4 – Lose the weight | Key Verse – Phil. 3:13, 1 Cor. 9:24 | Heb. 12:1-2 – Let us learn to lay aside every weight | Weight comes from: PEOPLE – 1 Cor. 15:33; Bad company corrupts good character; Stop allowing the enemy to lie to you and keep moving forward; THINGS – Good or bad things, they weigh you down; Luke 12:15; Don’t let the things have you;  SIN – Nothing is heavier than sin; Overcome by walking victoriously; God has better future than your present; We have freedom in Jesus name | How can we come out?: RECOGNIZE – Know what is holding you back; DECIDE – Make a decision to set aside;  ACT – Take action; Decision without an action is just an intention



Habits that Help: Pt 3

January 16, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Habit 3 – Faith it till you make it | Key Verse: Philippians 3:13; Straining forward | 1 Corinthians 9:24 | Put our hope and confidence in Him; Hebrews 11:8-9; Live your life by faith for next generations | 4 Things from Abraham’s life – 1. Faith gets God’s attention 2. Faith is the key to miracles; Law of faith can move mountains; Let’s stop saying God cannot and start saying God will 3. Faith makes big problems small; Measure your problems to God, for He is bigger than our problems; His ability and strength outmatches our problems 4. Faith is seeing from God’s point of view; Faith comes through prayer


Habits that Help: Pt 2

January 9, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Habit 2 - Think Right | Key Verse - Philippians 3:13, Philippians 4:8 | If we want to think right we need to recognize and change our wrong thinking | Have victory over your mind | Not every thought is a God thought | Take every thought captive; Be intentional in our thought process | If we don’t learn to held our thoughts captive, those thoughts will held us captive | We have to find a plan to control our thoughts, a place to think our thoughts, a person to stretch our thoughts, a way to fuel our thoughts | Allow the Holy Spirit to fuel our thoughts, allow our minds to be transformed - Romans 12:2


Habits that Help: Pt 1

January 2, 2022

Pastor Vinny

Habit 1 - Stop holding on to the things from the past that weigh us down; Based on the habits that you have on the preparation day will determine if you will win the race or not | Habits that will help you win -  Keeping God first: Fasting and Prayer | Have to put prayer into fasting; You will begin to have a stronger hunger and thirst for the things of God; Deny the flesh and feed your spirit; It is a gateway to supernatural power of God | Start your day off with God; Starting your day off with God should not be an optional, but it should become a habit; Start your week off with God; Psalm 92:12-13; When we are rooted and planted in the house of God, we will not be deceived



The Christmas Playlist:    Pt 4 

December 26, 2021

Brenna McCollough

Song 4: Simeon: Simeon did not waste his waiting period. What makes us satisfied and what makes us full? Only a relationship with Jesus Christ will make us satisfied and pleased. Psalm 90:12 -- Let your life determine your days. Manah: 1. To prepare 2. To appoint 3. To purpose. Appoint your days for the purposes of the Most High God. Don’t waste the waiting, prepare for it. Luke 2:29-32:  Don’t waste the waiting and you will be satisfied

Christmas Playlist: Pt 3

December 19, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Song 3: Luke 2:14 | Don’t seek the things that God gives, but seek the God who gives those things | Obedience - 1 John 3:19-22; Our actions matter; Obey God | Faith - Hebrews 11:6; Purse God; When we walk in faith, it means we purse after God | How to pursue God? - 1. Study His Word 2. Be in prayer 3. Forsake all things that are not of God.


Christmas Playlist: Pt 2

December 12, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Song 3: Zachariah’s Song | When your agreement is right, things will go right; Align with God’s will; Luke 1:68-79 | Jesus is not just a savior, but a mighty savior; Keep Jesus first and then everything else; Because of what He has done, changes us and because of who we are, that effects what we do | He purchased us from the slavery of sin; Watch any area that the enemy might have you bound and enslaved; Have hope in Jesus and He will set you free | He delivered us from our enemies - Follow after God; Allow God to fight the areas you are not meant to fight in the first place | He makes all things new - Get ready for a fresh start



The Christmas Playlist:    Pt 1 

December 5, 2021

Pastor Vinny

1st Song of Christmas in the Bible was Mary’s song - Luke 1:46-55; God took notice of the lowly servant Mary; Mary responded back with a song of joy. Acknowledging what God has done for you is an act of worship; Get hungry for the things of God; When the presence of God enters, there should be a response. Our response to the reality of Jesus - Joy - Rejoice with inexpressible joy, 1 Peter 1:8; God is not overlooking you, He knows you. Hope - Come to God with a need love; Hoping in Jesus will make you effective; Walk in reliance with God, and it builds hope in you. Faith - Start speaking faith in Jesus name; Speak what God tells you to speak, and not the words of the enemy; You have to talk in faith, if you want to walk in faith.


November 28, 2021

Pastor Vinny

When we get distracted with "other things" we lose focus on "God things". God makes us righteous, but we need to take responsibility to walk in fellowship with Him. There is a blessing in the waiting.


Keys to Kingdom Living:

Unlocking the Keys of Mission

November 21, 2021

Mac Holderfield

Live the life to the fullest as how God expects us to be. When we meet Jesus, we experience new life. Call on Him, and He will make it happen. We need Him more than ever. MISSION FLOWS FROM THE IDENTITY OF GOD - Jesus reveals the best of Him to us. WHEREVER YOU ARE, THAT IS YOUR MISSION FIELD.



How to be Calm in an Anxious World

November 14, 2021

Paul Teja

We live in an anxious world. We can't watch the evening news or pick up a newspaper without having some anxious moments of concern.  With the many challenges we face today, we need a prescription for dealing with anxiety and fear--large and small--and the Apostle Paul gives us that prescription in Philippians 4:4-8!

Keys to the Kingdom, Pt 5

Stewardship: Fruit of the Holy Spirit

October 20, 2021

Pastor Vinny

We must steward the Fruit of the Spirit. There is no law against the fruit of the Spirit. We should stop being sin conscious and start being Spirit conscious . 4 THINGS TO STEWARD THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT | Position - James 4:8 - The sun produces the fruit - Don’t live in the shade | Water - Eph. 5:26 - Rom. 10:17 - God’s word produces faith and this faith will help grow the fruit better | Weed - Weed out the junk | Guard - Proverbs 4:23 - How your heart goes so goes your life.


Keys to the Kingdom, Pt 4

Stewardship: The Gift of the Holy Spirit

October 17, 2021

Pastor Vinny

We must steward the Gift of the Holy Spirit: Our Advocate, our Helper. We need to acknowledge the presence of Him, allow the Holy Spirit to change the atmosphere. Never push Him aside. Be obedient to His voice. Don’t put limitations on the Holy Spirit.  Earnestly desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit and use them to serve one another.



Keys to the Kingdom, Pt 3

Stewardship: Steward Your Soul

October 10, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Be ready to forgive.  Guard your mouth.  Stay close to God.  Fix your thoughts on Him. We have a choice in what we think.

Keys to the Kingdom, Pt 2

Stewardship: Relationships & Finances

October 3, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There are a few things we must steward.

Relationships: Choose your relationships wisely and steward them.

Finances: A good steward is someone who learns to serve God and make money their servant; Become a giver; Allow God to bless your finances.


Keys to the Kingdom, Pt 1

Courage & Freedom

September 27, 2021

Pastor Vinny

1. Courage: Walk in it, be on guard, Courage will let you face the fear face to face; 2. Wisdom: Wisdom vs Knowledge, Wisdom from above, Embrace the Wisdom, Pioneer the way through Wisdom.



Stand in Grace

September 20, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This is the last of our STAND series! How can we STAND STRONG in GRACE? 1) Continue, ABIDE. 2) Be HUMBLE. 3) Respond to GRACE.

Stand Still

September 13, 2021

Ben Samminga

New RC team member, Ben Samminga, shares how we are supposed to STAND STILL. Stand still and defend what God has given you, stand still and worship God, stand still and watch what God does. God is fighting for us and will bring the victory.


Stand with Peace

September 6, 2021

Pastor Vinny

When we stand firm in the Lord we can stand in peace. Though there may be a storm or battle around us, we can still have peace WITH God and the peace OF God.


Under Construction: Zealous

August 29, 2021

Pastor Vinny

In life there is a lot we can be passionate about. Let’s be passionate for things that matter. Let’s be passionate about what God is passionate about. Don’t just be zealous (or passionate) FOR something, but IN something. In other words, take what you are passionate for and put action behind it and make it something you are passionate in. Our actions really speak to what we are zealous for.

Desert to Destiny

August 22, 2021

Pastor Vinny

The desert isn’t your destiny. God wants to take you from a dry place, a place of shame and brokenness, to a place of wholeness.

Under Construction:


August 15, 2021

Jamie Falco

Jamie Falco speaks fresh insight about the Biblical account of the prodigal. If we are close to the Father, our heart will be more like His. Are we passionate about what He is passionate about? Do we celebrate what He celebrates? Do we love and forgive like Him?


The Crowd

August 8, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There’s an “in-crowd,” a “wrong crowd," and people can feel just plain crowded. Learn how we can live among the crowd without being negatively influenced by the crowd.

Under Construction: 

Being a Vessel

August 1, 2021

Pastor Vinny

God wants to mold us and shape us into who He's created us to be. Will you make yourself available to Him? Are you willing to let him cleanse you, mend you, fill you, and use you?.

Under Construction:

Your Emotions

July 25, 2021

Pastor Vinny

God created us with emotions but He did not create us to have emotional strongholds. Let's allow God to construct our emotions and deconstruct any emotional strongholds.


Under Construction: Your Will

July 18, 2021

Paul Teja

Feeling inadequate? Not worthy? Like you don't make the cut? The 12 disciples had every reason to think that about themselves as well, but Jesus still chose them to accomplish God's will. Paul Teja explains how God doesn't need perfect people, He needs willing people. Will you set aside your will and chase after God's? Will you allow God to work on you, mold you, and use you for greatness?

Under Construction: Your Mind

July 11, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Here’s the opening message in our new series: UNDER CONSTRUCTION! God is our creator and He is still working on us! This week we dive into how our mind is under construction and that it’s important to renew our mind. Hear how you can do that..

Fresh Start

July 4, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This 4th of July we took church outdoors! We enjoyed worship, preaching, baptisms, a cook out, games, giveaways, and a duck derby. Here's Pastor Vinny's short sermon about how God isn't just the God of a second chance, but He's the God of another chance! If God is giving you a fresh start, don't miss it.



June 27, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There are benefits to being connected to Christ. In order to stay close to Him, we need to be aware of the tendency to “drift.” Why do people drift and how can we prevent it? Let’s stay anchored in Christ.

A Supreme Life

June 20, 2021

Pastor Vinny


On this Father's Day, Pastor Vinny talks all about having a supreme life. Because Jesus is supreme over all things, we can have victory over all things in Him. Find out what it takes to make that happen.



June 6, 2021

Pastor Vinny

We have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of God! We can’t have dual citizenship when it comes to the spiritual realm so we must be aware that kingdoms demand allegiance. They gained allegiance through three things: agreement, language, and submission.



May 30, 2021

Pastor Vinny

When God shows up you can expect amazing things. God’s presence is powerful. It’s important. It’s REAL. In His presence you can receive endurance, joy, patience… the list goes on. If you want to experience His presence, invite Him with worship and He’ll come..


May 23, 2021

Pastor Vinny

In this Pentecost Sunday message, Pastor Vinny speaks of being strong-willed. What is the will of God and how can we walk in God's will? Watch to find out.

Love Enough to Share

May 16, 2021

Pastor Vinny

You may have heard it said, “sharing is caring.” There are many reasons to share your faith and there are many reasons people don’t. In this message Pastor Vinny dives into these reasons. Sharing your faith is important. We hope you decide to increase your faith sharing in all seasons.


Hurt for Good, Pt 3

May 9, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Tianna Greene delivers a message on Mother's Day to encourage us to be like Hannah (from 1 Samuel). Hannah didn't allow her pain to stop her from being persistent, from praying, from believing in God's promises, nor from praising. Your promise has more power than your pain. Don't give up on your god-given dreams. The best is yet to come.​​​​​​​

Hurt for Good, Pt 2

May 2, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Everyone has experienced hurt. There are many ways people get wounded. Maybe you got hurt while playing red rover like Pastor Vinny (it's a pretty funny story he shares!), or maybe you got hurt by being betrayed by family like Joseph from the Bible. Do you want to be hurt for good (being hurt forever), or hurt for good (allowing God to turn your hurt for good)? It's natural to "hurt [others] when we are hurt." God doesn't want us to handle it the natural way, but the supernatural way. As we dive into the story of Joseph, let's learn 3 key ways to be sure our hurt can be turned for good.

Hurt for Good, Pt 1

April 25, 2021

Pastor Vinny

The enemy wants to hurt you for good, but God wants to use your hurt for good. Sometimes we don't realize we have a wound while other times we do. There are some serious dangers of prolonged hurt. Let's be aware of the warning signs and decide today to not be hurt forver, but to walk toward healing.



April 18, 2021

Pastor Chris Sonksen

Chris Sonksen is a best-selling author, founding and lead pastor of South Hills Church, and founder of Church Boom. Hear him speak to us on FeedONE Sunday about how Jesus loves doing miracles and how He does them. You can be part of a miracle by putting action to your faith. If you would like to partner with FeedONE in feeding children, Click Here.

Faith Boost

April 11, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Do you need a faith boost?! Increase your faith as you think upon the following truths: God answers prayer, God is on your side, God is working things for your good, your trials will become your testimony.

Happy Easter

April 4, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This is our full Resurrection Sunday service which includes worship, a presentation from our RC Kidz, a message from Pastor Vinny, and a time of prayer.

Message begins at the 25:40 time mark.


Call the Counselor

March 28, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This isn’t your typical Palm Sunday message. Listen in to hear how our Savior rode into Jerusalem not only as Hosanna, but as the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. It’s important to know where to get good counsel, and once you get it, how to put it into action. Allow Jesus to guide you and fight for you. Call the Wonderful Counselor today: Jesus..

Family United, Pt 4

March 21, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There’s nothing better than being a united family as you experience revival together! Revival isn’t how you feel, it’s how you live… it’s all about being like our Heavenly Father. May we hunger and thirst after Him. May we share Him with others. May we be a family united in revival.

Family United, Pt 3

March 14, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Words matter. When we speak we come into unity with something. In this message Pastor Vinny talks about the importance of coming into unity with the right things by how we speak to ourselves and how we speak to others. What have your inner conversations been like lately? What about your external conversations? Speak carefully. Speak truth. Speak your miracle, not your mess. Our mouth should not be on “auto pilot.” We can be intentional and in control of our tongue with help form the Holy Spirit.


Family United, Pt 2

March 7, 2021

Pastor Vinny

How do you empower the people around you? Why is it important? See how it plays a role in building unity by listening to this second message of the Family United series.

Family United, Pt 1

February 28, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Pastor Vinny dives into Matthew 12:25-28 as he talks about being a FAMILY UNITED. It's important for our households and church to come together and not let division prevent us from our purpose. Listen to what can cause disunity and how we can strive to stand together.


Forward, Pt 7: With Impact

February 21, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This last message of the FORWARD series is all about IMPACT. How can you live a life of impact? It has to do with faith. It has to do with priorities. It has to do with taking care of what God loves. Listen to Pastor Vinny as he challenges us to live a life that will make a difference.



Forward, Pt 6: In Love

February 14, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Did you know there are four different types of LOVE? God wants us to grow in each type but first we must understand that we love because He first loved us. Let’s move forward by receiving love and giving love!

Forward, Pt 5: Forward to Victory

February 7, 2021

Gary Besaw

In this message Gary Besaw speaks about walking forward in victory. Philippians 3:12-14 tells us to “forget what is behind and press toward the goal to win the prize.” Be encouraged: no matter the poor choices or personal disasters you’ve experienced, God can help you be victorious. Yesterday you may have been defeated but today you can walk in victory!.


Forward, Pt 4: With Joy

January 31, 2020

Pastor Vinny

It’s important that we move forward WITH JOY. Why? According to Romans 14:17, God's Kingdom is one third joy: “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Take a look at this message to see what tries to steal our joy and how to get our joy back.



Forward, Pt 3: In Victory

January 24 , 2021

Pastor Vinny

In Part 3 of this series Pastor Vinny talks about moving forward in VICTORY. Before we have victory over Jericho, we need to have victory over the Jordan. The greatest obstacle we face is ourselves. Inward victory will bring outward victory.

Forward, Pt 2: With the Presence

January 17, 2021

Pastor Vinny

If you want to keep moving forward, make sure you are going with God’s presence. But what do you do when you don’t sense His presence? Listen to this message and find out.

Forward, Pt 1: Keep Pressing On

January 10, 2021

Pastor Vinny

It's time to keep moving forward, to keep pressing on, "forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:13-14)


Faith That Works

January 3 , 2021

Pastor Vinny

We have all experienced unanswered prayers. What do we do when it seems like faith isn’t working? Be encouraged as you listen to Pastor Vinny explain.

Wild Christmas, Pt 3

December 27, 2020

Pastor Vinny

The end of the Christmas story shares how Jesus grew strong in spirit, was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him. In this message you will discover how you can grow and be like Jesus in these ways.

Wild Christmas, Pt 2

December 20, 2020

Pastor Vinny

Oftentimes we walk in darkness without knowing the extent of that darkness. It isn’t until true light shines into our darkness that we can see it was darkness all along. Baby Jesus was born into a dark world so He could bring light… Jesus is “The Light.” Anything within us that we think is light but is not connected to Christ is actually darkness. We are to follow Him, hunger and thirst for more of Him, allow His light to guide us in life, and allow His light to shine through our life.



Wild Christmas

December 13, 2020

Pastor Vinny


Pastor Vinny uses a live creepy crawly critter to illustrate the point that the first Christmas was a WILD Christmas! Christmas can still be wild today. God extends wild grace to us and wants us to have wild faith.


December 6, 2020

Jamie Falco

God can bring life to the areas in your life that are dead, dry, and hopeless. Jamie Falco spoke powerfully about how dry bones came to life in the story of Elijah found in Ezekiel 37. Stand on the Word of God, activate your faith, and believe He can bring restoration to you, too! Get ready to hear those dry bones rattling! 


The Art of Family, Pt 4

God's Will

November 29, 2020

Pastor Vinny

In Part 4 of “The Art of Family,” Pastor Vinny looks at the Bible story of Jonah and debunks some myths about God's will. We find out a powerful truth: it’s always God’s will that we run to the Father


Faith Journey

November 22, 2020

Jamie Falco

Have you ever been on a Faith Journey? Listen to this message by Jamie Falco as he looks at the journey of Moses and how it applies to us and our walk of faith today.

The Art of Family, Pt 3

When Things Get Messy

November 15, 2020

Tianna Greene

In this third message of the series, "The Art of Family," Tianna Greene shares how it's important not to just go through trials WITH your family, but AS a family. A family is a God given team, and not only did God create families, but He created a purpose and plan for each family. Be encouraged as you learn that "the mess" is both a necessary and temporary part of your purpose. Also learn what to do while "in the mess" so you can get through it victoriously. With God, today's mess can become tomorrow's masterpiece.

The Art of Family, Pt 2


November 8, 2020

Pastor Vinny

If you want a healthy family, there needs to be forgiveness. Hear how to live beyond offense, in this second message in the series, "The Art of Family."


The Art of Family, Pt 1: Communication,

November 1, 2020

Pastor Vinny

This is the first message in the sermon series, "The Art of Family." If you want a healthy family, there needs to be healthy communication. Pastor Vinny dives into what good communication looks like and explains how we can obtain it in our lives.

The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 4

October 25, 2020

Pastor Vinny

In this fourth and final message on "The Holy Spirit and His Gifts", Pastor Vinny shares about the gift of faith. What is it? How do we walk in it?


The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 3

October 18, 2020

Pastor Vinny

What does it mean to discover, develop, and deploy the gifts of the Spirit? In the first half of this message you'll find out! Then, in the second half, Pastor Vinny gets into the first two gifts: the gift of wisdom and the gift of knowledge.



The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 2

October 11, 2020

Pastor Vinny

Last week Pastor Vinny spoke on WHO the Holy Spirit is, this week is all about WHAT the Holy Spirit DOES.

The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 1

October 4, 2020

Pastor Vinny

To kick off the new series "The Holy Spirit & His Gifts," Pastor Vinny does a character study on the Holy Spirit. Learn how the Holy Spirit isn't an "it," the Holy Spirit is a "he" and He wants a relationship with you.


The Social Dilemma 

September 27, 2020

Pastor Vinny

This is a social dilemma...the enemy hates healthy relationships so he is out to destroy them. We need to do our best to keep strong relationships: this message will help you do that.

It's What We Do
Pastor Vinny

September 20, 2020

It's What We Do: love radically! What does that mean? Run towards and not a mechanism of healing and restoration...just keep loving.

Play Ball, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

September 13, 2020

Second and final message of a 2-part series: Maybe you feel like you're behind, defeated, or at a disadvantage. The good news is that you can have hope. With Jesus on your team, you don't have to stay down. Elijah is a good example of how even those who have been on mountain tops still sometimes go through valleys.  What do you do?


Play Ball, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

September 6, 2020   

We've all struck out before. Whether we've made mistakes in our career, relationships, everyday tasks, or falling into sin, we've all missed at some point. Let's take a look at what we should do when we strike out in life. The good news is we may not have what it takes, but we do have WHO it takes!

LESS (of me) is MORE (of you)
Kim McGee

August 16, 2020   9 am Service

Roadside Chapel's Office Manager takes a look at the life of Moses. Through his example we can become aware of a few obstacles that present us from resting and abiding in God.

Pastor Vinny

August 9, 2020

If we want fruitful lives, we must abide in Christ.  Pastor Vinny discusses barriers and keys to abiding.


Pastor Vinny

August 2, 2020

God created us to carry things, but not everything. He calls us to carry grace and the Gospel.

Don't Fear the Lions
Pastor Vinny

July 26, 2020

Because the one True God is our God, we can have faith and peace when we face the lions in our lives.

Jamie Falco 

July 19, 2020

Not only is our God a powerful God.  He's an approachable God.


Pastor Vinny

July 12, 2020

Don't strive to be an influence. Strive to be influential.


Pastor Vinny

July 5, 2020

To be independent from the world, you must be dependent on Christ.


Pastor Vinny 

June 28, 2020

Good intentions won't get you where you want to go, but being INTENTIONAL will!

Walk Like Jesus, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

June 21, 2020

If you want to walk like Jesus, then you need to know how Jesus walked.

Walk Like Jesus, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

June 14, 2020

If you want to walk in victory, then you must walk like Jesus.

When Everything is Bad, God is Still Good

Pastor Vinny Greene

June 7, 2020

Learn how to discern what is "good" when everything around you seems bad.

High Valued Target

Pastor Vinny

May 31, 2020

As a Christian, you are a high valued target for the enemy -- but you can live n such a way that he can never take you out.

A Yoke and Wheelbarrow

Pastor Vinny

May 24, 2020

Everybody is yoked to something, and what you are yoked to determines a lot. Hear about the benefits of being yoked to Christ and trading your burdens for His.

Pocket Change

Tianna Greene

May 10, 2020

You may feel you aren't enough and that what you have to offer is insignificant, but God wants you to see that what you have is valuable.

In the Trenches

Pastor Vinny

May 3, 2020

During times of affliction and chaos, we can still have hope. Pastor Vinny shares how you can not just survive "the trenches", but thrive through them. You'll need a "map, helmet, shovel, and radio." Listen to this message to find out what those represent.

Zero to Hero

Pastor Vinny

April 26, 2020

Everyone loves a Zero to Hero Story

No Ordinary Day

Pastor Vinny

April 19, 2020

10 Keys to Being an Influencer

Easter Sunday

Pastor Vinny

April 12, 2020

God wants to change your life.

Better Is On Its Way, Part Two

Pastor Vinny

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday

As much as you want God to move in your life, God much moreso wants to move in your life!

Better Is On Its Way, Part One

Pastor Vinny

March 29, 2020

The God of all grace will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.


Pastor Vinny

March 22, 2020

God's calling us to have an infectious faith!