Stand in Grace

September 20, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This is the last of our STAND series! How can we STAND STRONG in GRACE? 1) Continue, ABIDE. 2) Be HUMBLE. 3) Respond to GRACE.

Stand Still

September 13, 2021

Ben Samminga

New RC team member, Ben Samminga, shares how we are supposed to STAND STILL. Stand still and defend what God has given you, stand still and worship God, stand still and watch what God does. God is fighting for us and will bring the victory.


Stand with Peace

September 6, 2021

Pastor Vinny

When we stand firm in the Lord we can stand in peace. Though there may be a storm or battle around us, we can still have peace WITH God and the peace OF God.


Under Construction: Zealous

August 29, 2021

Pastor Vinny

In life there is a lot we can be passionate about. Let’s be passionate for things that matter. Let’s be passionate about what God is passionate about. Don’t just be zealous (or passionate) FOR something, but IN something. In other words, take what you are passionate for and put action behind it and make it something you are passionate in. Our actions really speak to what we are zealous for.

Desert to Destiny

August 22, 2021

Pastor Vinny

The desert isn’t your destiny. God wants to take you from a dry place, a place of shame and brokenness, to a place of wholeness.

Under Construction:


August 15, 2021

Jamie Falco

Jamie Falco speaks fresh insight about the Biblical account of the prodigal. If we are close to the Father, our heart will be more like His. Are we passionate about what He is passionate about? Do we celebrate what He celebrates? Do we love and forgive like Him?


The Crowd

August 8, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There’s an “in-crowd,” a “wrong crowd," and people can feel just plain crowded. Learn how we can live among the crowd without being negatively influenced by the crowd.

Under Construction: 

Being a Vessel

August 1, 2021

Pastor Vinny

God wants to mold us and shape us into who He's created us to be. Will you make yourself available to Him? Are you willing to let him cleanse you, mend you, fill you, and use you?.

Under Construction:

Your Emotions

July 25, 2021

Pastor Vinny

God created us with emotions but He did not create us to have emotional strongholds. Let's allow God to construct our emotions and deconstruct any emotional strongholds.


Under Construction: Your Will

July 18, 2021

Paul Teja

Feeling inadequate? Not worthy? Like you don't make the cut? The 12 disciples had every reason to think that about themselves as well, but Jesus still chose them to accomplish God's will. Paul Teja explains how God doesn't need perfect people, He needs willing people. Will you set aside your will and chase after God's? Will you allow God to work on you, mold you, and use you for greatness?

Under Construction: Your Mind

July 11, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Here’s the opening message in our new series: UNDER CONSTRUCTION! God is our creator and He is still working on us! This week we dive into how our mind is under construction and that it’s important to renew our mind. Hear how you can do that..

Fresh Start

July 4, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This 4th of July we took church outdoors! We enjoyed worship, preaching, baptisms, a cook out, games, giveaways, and a duck derby. Here's Pastor Vinny's short sermon about how God isn't just the God of a second chance, but He's the God of another chance! If God is giving you a fresh start, don't miss it.



June 27, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There are benefits to being connected to Christ. In order to stay close to Him, we need to be aware of the tendency to “drift.” Why do people drift and how can we prevent it? Let’s stay anchored in Christ.

A Supreme Life

June 20, 2021

Pastor Vinny


On this Father's Day, Pastor Vinny talks all about having a supreme life. Because Jesus is supreme over all things, we can have victory over all things in Him. Find out what it takes to make that happen.



June 6, 2021

Pastor Vinny

We have been rescued from the kingdom of darkness and brought into the Kingdom of God! We can’t have dual citizenship when it comes to the spiritual realm so we must be aware that kingdoms demand allegiance. They gained allegiance through three things: agreement, language, and submission.



May 30, 2021

Pastor Vinny

When God shows up you can expect amazing things. God’s presence is powerful. It’s important. It’s REAL. In His presence you can receive endurance, joy, patience… the list goes on. If you want to experience His presence, invite Him with worship and He’ll come..


May 23, 2021

Pastor Vinny

In this Pentecost Sunday message, Pastor Vinny speaks of being strong-willed. What is the will of God and how can we walk in God's will? Watch to find out.

Love Enough to Share

May 16, 2021

Pastor Vinny

You may have heard it said, “sharing is caring.” There are many reasons to share your faith and there are many reasons people don’t. In this message Pastor Vinny dives into these reasons. Sharing your faith is important. We hope you decide to increase your faith sharing in all seasons.


Hurt for Good, Pt 3

May 9, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Tianna Greene delivers a message on Mother's Day to encourage us to be like Hannah (from 1 Samuel). Hannah didn't allow her pain to stop her from being persistent, from praying, from believing in God's promises, nor from praising. Your promise has more power than your pain. Don't give up on your god-given dreams. The best is yet to come.​​​​​​​

Hurt for Good, Pt 2

May 2, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Everyone has experienced hurt. There are many ways people get wounded. Maybe you got hurt while playing red rover like Pastor Vinny (it's a pretty funny story he shares!), or maybe you got hurt by being betrayed by family like Joseph from the Bible. Do you want to be hurt for good (being hurt forever), or hurt for good (allowing God to turn your hurt for good)? It's natural to "hurt [others] when we are hurt." God doesn't want us to handle it the natural way, but the supernatural way. As we dive into the story of Joseph, let's learn 3 key ways to be sure our hurt can be turned for good.

Hurt for Good, Pt 1

April 25, 2021

Pastor Vinny

The enemy wants to hurt you for good, but God wants to use your hurt for good. Sometimes we don't realize we have a wound while other times we do. There are some serious dangers of prolonged hurt. Let's be aware of the warning signs and decide today to not be hurt forver, but to walk toward healing.



April 18, 2021

Pastor Chris Sonksen

Chris Sonksen is a best-selling author, founding and lead pastor of South Hills Church, and founder of Church Boom. Hear him speak to us on FeedONE Sunday about how Jesus loves doing miracles and how He does them. You can be part of a miracle by putting action to your faith. If you would like to partner with FeedONE in feeding children, Click Here.

Faith Boost

April 11, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Do you need a faith boost?! Increase your faith as you think upon the following truths: God answers prayer, God is on your side, God is working things for your good, your trials will become your testimony.

Happy Easter

April 4, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This is our full Resurrection Sunday service which includes worship, a presentation from our RC Kidz, a message from Pastor Vinny, and a time of prayer.

Message begins at the 25:40 time mark.


Call the Counselor

March 28, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This isn’t your typical Palm Sunday message. Listen in to hear how our Savior rode into Jerusalem not only as Hosanna, but as the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and the Prince of Peace. It’s important to know where to get good counsel, and once you get it, how to put it into action. Allow Jesus to guide you and fight for you. Call the Wonderful Counselor today: Jesus..

Family United, Pt 4

March 21, 2021

Pastor Vinny

There’s nothing better than being a united family as you experience revival together! Revival isn’t how you feel, it’s how you live… it’s all about being like our Heavenly Father. May we hunger and thirst after Him. May we share Him with others. May we be a family united in revival.

Family United, Pt 3

March 14, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Words matter. When we speak we come into unity with something. In this message Pastor Vinny talks about the importance of coming into unity with the right things by how we speak to ourselves and how we speak to others. What have your inner conversations been like lately? What about your external conversations? Speak carefully. Speak truth. Speak your miracle, not your mess. Our mouth should not be on “auto pilot.” We can be intentional and in control of our tongue with help form the Holy Spirit.


Family United, Pt 2

March 7, 2021

Pastor Vinny

How do you empower the people around you? Why is it important? See how it plays a role in building unity by listening to this second message of the Family United series.

Family United, Pt 1

February 28, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Pastor Vinny dives into Matthew 12:25-28 as he talks about being a FAMILY UNITED. It's important for our households and church to come together and not let division prevent us from our purpose. Listen to what can cause disunity and how we can strive to stand together.


Forward, Pt 7: With Impact

February 21, 2021

Pastor Vinny

This last message of the FORWARD series is all about IMPACT. How can you live a life of impact? It has to do with faith. It has to do with priorities. It has to do with taking care of what God loves. Listen to Pastor Vinny as he challenges us to live a life that will make a difference.



Forward, Pt 6: In Love

February 14, 2021

Pastor Vinny

Did you know there are four different types of LOVE? God wants us to grow in each type but first we must understand that we love because He first loved us. Let’s move forward by receiving love and giving love!

Forward, Pt 5: Forward to Victory

February 7, 2021

Gary Besaw

In this message Gary Besaw speaks about walking forward in victory. Philippians 3:12-14 tells us to “forget what is behind and press toward the goal to win the prize.” Be encouraged: no matter the poor choices or personal disasters you’ve experienced, God can help you be victorious. Yesterday you may have been defeated but today you can walk in victory!.


Forward, Pt 4: With Joy

January 31, 2020

Pastor Vinny

It’s important that we move forward WITH JOY. Why? According to Romans 14:17, God's Kingdom is one third joy: “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Take a look at this message to see what tries to steal our joy and how to get our joy back.



Forward, Pt 3: In Victory

January 24 , 2021

Pastor Vinny

In Part 3 of this series Pastor Vinny talks about moving forward in VICTORY. Before we have victory over Jericho, we need to have victory over the Jordan. The greatest obstacle we face is ourselves. Inward victory will bring outward victory.

Forward, Pt 2: With the Presence

January 17, 2021

Pastor Vinny

If you want to keep moving forward, make sure you are going with God’s presence. But what do you do when you don’t sense His presence? Listen to this message and find out.

Forward, Pt 1: Keep Pressing On

January 10, 2021

Pastor Vinny

It's time to keep moving forward, to keep pressing on, "forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:13-14)


Faith That Works

January 3 , 2021

Pastor Vinny

We have all experienced unanswered prayers. What do we do when it seems like faith isn’t working? Be encouraged as you listen to Pastor Vinny explain.

Wild Christmas, Pt 3

December 27, 2020

Pastor Vinny

The end of the Christmas story shares how Jesus grew strong in spirit, was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him. In this message you will discover how you can grow and be like Jesus in these ways.

Wild Christmas, Pt 2

December 20, 2020

Pastor Vinny

Oftentimes we walk in darkness without knowing the extent of that darkness. It isn’t until true light shines into our darkness that we can see it was darkness all along. Baby Jesus was born into a dark world so He could bring light… Jesus is “The Light.” Anything within us that we think is light but is not connected to Christ is actually darkness. We are to follow Him, hunger and thirst for more of Him, allow His light to guide us in life, and allow His light to shine through our life.



Wild Christmas

December 13, 2020

Pastor Vinny


Pastor Vinny uses a live creepy crawly critter to illustrate the point that the first Christmas was a WILD Christmas! Christmas can still be wild today. God extends wild grace to us and wants us to have wild faith.


December 6, 2020

Jamie Falco

God can bring life to the areas in your life that are dead, dry, and hopeless. Jamie Falco spoke powerfully about how dry bones came to life in the story of Elishah found in Ezekiel 37. Stand on the Word of God, activate your faith, and believe He can bring restoration to you, too! Get ready to hear those dry bones rattling! 

The Art of Family, Pt 4

God's Will

November 29, 2020

Pastor Vinny

In Part 4 of “The Art of Family,” Pastor Vinny looks at the Bible story of Jonah and debunks some myths about God's will. We find out a powerful truth: it’s always God’s will that we run to the Father


Faith Journey

November 22, 2020

Jamie Falco

Have you ever been on a Faith Journey? Listen to this message by Jamie Falco as he looks at the journey of Moses and how it applies to us and our walk of faith today.

The Art of Family, Pt 3

When Things Get Messy

November 15, 2020

Tianna Greene

In this third message of the series, "The Art of Family," Tianna Greene shares how it's important not to just go through trials WITH your family, but AS a family. A family is a God given team, and not only did God create families, but He created a purpose and plan for each family. Be encouraged as you learn that "the mess" is both a necessary and temporary part of your purpose. Also learn what to do while "in the mess" so you can get through it victoriously. With God, today's mess can become tomorrow's masterpiece.

The Art of Family, Pt 2


November 8, 2020

Pastor Vinny

If you want a healthy family, there needs to be forgiveness. Hear how to live beyond offense, in this second message in the series, "The Art of Family."


The Art of Family, Pt 1: Communication,

November 1, 2020

Pastor Vinny

This is the first message in the sermon series, "The Art of Family." If you want a healthy family, there needs to be healthy communication. Pastor Vinny dives into what good communication looks like and explains how we can obtain it in our lives.

The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 4

October 25, 2020

Pastor Vinny

In this fourth and final message on "The Holy Spirit and His Gifts", Pastor Vinny shares about the gift of faith. What is it? How do we walk in it?


The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 3

October 18, 2020

Pastor Vinny

What does it mean to discover, develop, and deploy the gifts of the Spirit? In the first half of this message you'll find out! Then, in the second half, Pastor Vinny gets into the first two gifts: the gift of wisdom and the gift of knowledge.



The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 2

October 11, 2020

Pastor Vinny

Last week Pastor Vinny spoke on WHO the Holy Spirit is, this week is all about WHAT the Holy Spirit DOES.

The Holy Spirit & His Gifts, Pt 1

October 4, 2020

Pastor Vinny

To kick off the new series "The Holy Spirit & His Gifts," Pastor Vinny does a character study on the Holy Spirit. Learn how the Holy Spirit isn't an "it," the Holy Spirit is a "he" and He wants a relationship with you.


The Social Dilemma 

September 27, 2020

Pastor Vinny

This is a social dilemma...the enemy hates healthy relationships so he is out to destory them. We need to do our best to keep strong relationships: this message will help you do that.

It's What We Do
Pastor Vinny

September 20, 2020

It's What We Do: love radically! What does that mean? Run towards and not a mechanism of healing and restoration...just keep loving.

Play Ball, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

September 13, 2020

Second and final message of a 2-part series: Maybe you feel like you're behind, defeated, or at a disadvantage. The good news is that you can have hope. With Jesus on your team, you don't have to stay down. Elijah is a good example of how even those who have been on mountain tops still sometimes go through valleys.  What do you do?


Play Ball, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

September 6, 2020   

We've all struck out before. Whether we've made mistakes in our career, relationships, everyday tasks, or falling into sin, we've all missed at some point. Let's take a look at what we should do when we strike out in life. The good news is we may not have what it takes, but we do have WHO it takes!

LESS (of me) is MORE (of you)
Kim McGee

August 16, 2020   9 am Service

Roadside Chapel's Office Manager takes a look at the life of Moses. Through his example we can become aware of a few obstacles that present us from resting and abiding in God.

Pastor Vinny

August 9, 2020

If we want fruitful lives, we must abide in Christ.  Pastor Vinny discusses barriers and keys to abiding.


Pastor Vinny

August 2, 2020

God created us to carry things, but not everything. He calls us to carry grace and the Gospel.

Don't Fear the Lions
Pastor Vinny

July 26, 2020

Because the one True God is our God, we can have faith and peace when we face the lions in our lives.

Jamie Falco 

July 19, 2020

Not only is our God a powerful God.  He's an approachable God.


Pastor Vinny

July 12, 2020

Don't strive to be an influence. Strive to be influential.


Pastor Vinny

July 5, 2020

To be independent from the world, you must be dependent on Christ.


Pastor Vinny 

June 28, 2020

Good intentions won't get you where you want to go, but being INTENTIONAL will!

Walk Like Jesus, Part 2

Pastor Vinny

June 21, 2020

If you want to walk like Jesus, then you need to know how Jesus walked.

Walk Like Jesus, Part 1

Pastor Vinny

June 14, 2020

If you want to walk in victory, then you must walk like Jesus.

When Everything is Bad, God is Still Good

Pastor Vinny Greene

June 7, 2020

Learn how to discern what is "good" when everything around you seems bad.

High Valued Target

Pastor Vinny

May 31, 2020

As a Christian, you are a high valued target for the enemy -- but you can live n such a way that he can never take you out.

A Yoke and Wheelbarrow

Pastor Vinny

May 24, 2020

Everybody is yoked to something, and what you are yoked to determines a lot. Hear about the benefits of being yoked to Christ and trading your burdens for His.

Pocket Change

Tianna Greene

May 10, 2020

You may feel you aren't enough and that what you have to offer is insignificant, but God wants you to see that what you have is valuable.

In the Trenches

Pastor Vinny

May 3, 2020

During times of affliction and chaos, we can still have hope. Pastor Vinny shares how you can not just survive "the trenches", but thrive through them. You'll need a "map, helmet, shovel, and radio." Listen to this message to find out what those represent.

Zero to Hero

Pastor Vinny

April 26, 2020

Everyone loves a Zero to Hero Story

No Ordinary Day

Pastor Vinny

April 19, 2020

10 Keys to Being an Influencer

Easter Sunday

Pastor Vinny

April 12, 2020

God wants to change your life.

Better Is On Its Way, Part Two

Pastor Vinny

April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday

As much as you want God to move in your life, God much moreso wants to move in your life!

Better Is On Its Way, Part One

Pastor Vinny

March 29, 2020

The God of all grace will perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.


Pastor Vinny

March 22, 2020

God's calling us to have an infectious faith!